Dual-channel video installation
HD, with sound, 11:00 min, looped

Automaton expands the narratives of sculpture in which art has sought to replicate the literal, living presence of the human body. A living character modeling clay on one screen and plaster sculptures of the collection of copies of antiques (Abguss Sammlung Antiker Plastik) of Berlin on the other screen, activates not only an interplay of hierarchies within geopolitical colonial history, but also an interrogation on the cinematic dispositif itself as a staging apparatus. The idea of reproduction and multiplicity present not only in traditional sculpture, in the collection itself, and in the cinematic space, explores the relationship between artisanal and industrial modes of production, as well as the intra-actions between the real, the copy, the viewers, and representation. In this work, film as sculptural practice examines the reciprocal interpenetration of bodies, technologies and materialities.

Cámara: Ignacio Durruty / Florencia Almirón
Edición: Delfina Mayer / Florencia Almirón
Performer: Paula Almirón

Video installation at Ostpool Theater in Arnhem, in the context of Dutch Art Institute ‘The Kitchen/Not the Restaurant

Van Abbe Museum Eindhoven/NL, in the context of Dutch Art Institute ‘The Kitchen/Not the Restaurant’ 2017