Los Buscadores


Nine-chanel video installation
HD, with sound, aprox. 3 min. each video, looped
Dimension and constellation variable

Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Departamento de Arte, Buenos Aires

Camera: Lucia Feuillet / Adrián Martínez
Edition: Lucia Feuillet / Luisina Herzog / Florencia Almirón

Los Buscadores is a multi-channel video installation by Florencia Almirón, where she had build up a basic filming studio for screen tests and interviews of people working at the University Torcuato Di Tella. Professors, directors, students, coordinators, security personal and ex- students of the university where selected and carried on with them “live-portraits”. The work, whith refrence to Screen Tests by Andy Warhol, is a video-laboratory that experiments with the idea of portrait, as bridge between interview, popular media, psychology and art. The Installation with all simultaneous portraits shaping the space becomes a collective portrait of the place and the moment. A pallet of elements and effects was set up, to use randomly and intuitively on the models while they are speaking, meant to transform and alienate the speech from the image. The resulting distanciations of role and expectation seemed to create a shift between the documentary and the fictional aspect of the interviews, revealing the institutional backdrop of the university also as an object locatable through portaits.

Interviewees: Claudia Romero, Director of the Department of Education, Government School, UTDT // Catalina Smulovitz, Vicerector UTDT // Andrés Di Tella, Director of Cinema Laboratory, UTDT // Guadalupe Chirotarrab, Independent Curator, ex-participant of Artist’ s Program UTDT // Estanislao Bachrach, Director of the Executive Education Programs: Biotechnology & Business, Creativity & Innovation in Business and Neuromarketing, UTDT // Rodrigo Hernando, current student of History UTDT // Verónica Canepa, Chief of Library and Archive UTDT // Andres Neumeyer, Director of the Department of Economy, UTDT // Sergio Foster, Director of the Department of Architecture, UTDT.

video still (Catalina Smulovitz)

video still (Andres Neumeyer)

video still (Mauro)

video still (Estanislao Bachrach)

video still (Verónica Canepa)

video still (Guadalupe Chirotarrab)

Departamento de Arte UTDT, 2015

Departamento de Arte UTDT, 2015

Neuroscience Laboratory UTDT, 2015

Departamento de Arte UTDT, 2015